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:: Apartment Cologne ::

Cologne. Germany. 2013.

Visualization by Florian Dubiel 04.13


Munich. Germany. 2011. interior architecture. bathroom. Client: private

Visualization by Florian Dubiel


:: İzmir Opera House ::

In March 2010, Izmir Municipality, the governing body of Turkey’s third largest city, launched a nationwide, two-phase architectural competition for the Izmir City Opera House. The intention was to create a building other than its function of being a culture and arts center that can also meet different needs, inside and outside.

Competition team MRGD, Britta Knobel,and Daniel Widrig
Visualization by  Florian Dubiel


:: Flourished {adj} {pp} ::

Artwork,Research | 08.09

Based on a simple component, this project explores and reveals the imbedded aesthetic of multiple minimal surfaces. The porosity within the system shows a multiplicity of affiliations and reveals the moment of change through visual complexity.


:: The Art Fund Pavilion ::

The objective of The Art Fund Pavilion (Tent London) architecture competition was to provide The Lightbox (London, UK) with a semi-permanent summer pavilion which will sit alongside their RIBA award-winning building by Marks Barfield Architects.



Maximum pavilion footprint: 35 square metres, maximum height: 4 metres.

3 Scenarios:

As an exhibition space with 8 x A1 size wall-mounted pieces, 6 x plinth-based pieces (500 L x 500 W x 900 H mm) and   4 x floor-standing pieces (1sqm each) allowing space for circulation.

As a formal presentation space for up to 30 persons seated.

As an informal gathering or party space

Design Team:

Carine Cohen, Britta Knobel, Florian Dubiel

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:: TRON2 ::


It’s a world we all visit
daily—and yet we’ve never
actually seen it.
Welcome to the world of cyberspace

As part of a concept proposal for TRON2 (2011), the sequel of TRON (1982) we have developed a series of ‘Spatial Studies’. Our aim was to illustrate the potential of highly complex environments, specific spatial qualities and effects – immersion into a possible world of TRON2.

Spatial Study, ‘Minimal Surfaces’
3D-Design by Florian Dubiel and Britta Knobel, Concept by Tino Schaedler and Brent Bagshaw


:: SKY_LAB ::


The project was the outcome of 16 months of post-professional research in architecture and urbanism. It was conducted by a team of three members at the Architectural Association School of Architecture London.

Amit Gupta (India) M.Arch AA(DRL) Studio Symbiosis
Edgar Payan Pacheco (Mexico) M.Arch AA(DRL) Zaha-Hadid
Florian Dubiel (Germany) Dipl.-Ing. Arch., M.Arch AA(DRL) MACINA

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:: Apartment Munich ::

Private apartment Munich. Germany. 2008. interior architecture. furniture design. Client: private





    İzmir Opera Houseİzmir Opera Houseİzmir Opera House

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